REFLECTION 5 - Thinking About the Final Presentation

I have been thinking of the final outcome of the project and how I would like to show the work at the end of the year. I came up with this idea of four different seasons which would result in 4 main photographs (of me) surrounded by the smaller close-ups of the textures and some parts of my chosen location, without giving away where exactly it is. Because my chosen are feels personal to me, I would like to bring in the object from that space, which would be a plant or some stones, bricks… I would make it into a neat sculpture highlighting the fragile (plant) and the solid (brick or stone). I would need a corner for that, so my chosen object would be placed in the corner and the images on both sides of the inner corner. I don’t know yet what the object will be, but in the image below I made a very rough mock of the exhibition plan so far.

I’ve spoken to Hannah Watson from TJ Boulting last week and she suggested hat the object is not necessary and all the images should be displayed as a grid, instead of having some larger scale photographs. She thought that this exhibition plan is not working for my project. I appreciate her thoughts and suggestions and I will try to show the work as a grid in my studio space. I don’t think she liked the idea of the smaller images being scattered about the main ones, as I doesn’t need more context from the location, but I am not sure if I agree yet. I guess I need to try out everything and see if it the display reflects on the project outline. The more I look at the exhibition display mock the less I like it. It is missing something and I haven’t figured it out yet.

I only have 2 rolls of film so far, that I believe work well to my topic of the project. I have been experimenting with other people, but these last 24 images of me confirm that my project is about self-portraiture and I can confirm that I know what I am doing. It felt correct and I was able to achieve he results that I wanted, which are odd poses of me within the landscape of my chosen personal/public space. 

At the moment, I have to go back to the location, choose some objects and bring them back to the studio for experimentation. At the same time I have started photographing the close-up objects, but haven’t finished yet. Also, changing my outfit would help to highlight that the shoot was on a different day. It is important now to choose a sunny day, because I want to have shadows within my photographs which would give me more space to experiment. It is a bit challenging, because it is January now and the days are cold and grimy most of the time. 

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