RESEARCH 10 - Anna Barriball

Anna Barriball: Fade

Anna Barriball is a British artist based in South London. She was born in 1972. Her work evolves around visual arts including moving image, sculpture, painting, photography and mixed media. Her work has been published in various magazines, articles, also shown at the galleries and museums. I am looking at the exhibition setup at Frith Street Gallery of Anna Barriball’s exhibition - Fade. There are elements of installation: there are 3 large walls which have the the projection screening of the video/stills and on the other wall there are framed prints. This exhibition features a large-scale three-channel video which is projected directly onto the gallery walls. Entitled Fade, the work shows the landscape surrounding a wind turbine on the edge of the town where the artist grew up.

I like the way it is exhibited, it is interactive and people can walk around. I would like to borrow some ideas from this presentation. I would have 1 or 2 walls of projection and on the facing wall I would like to have framed prints as well as a fruit of a fig, coated in resin for longevity. 

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