Evelina Sarupiciute

REFLECTION 10 - Video Projection

I went back to my “secret location” to shoot the projection. I chose an angle showing most of the fig tree but also the playful shadows along the brick wall on the right side of the video. On the left size there is a fraction of one of the shoot locations from my performances. I filmed this video for approx 5 minutes using a tripod. My intend is to portray the calmness and stillness in the area. I tried filming different sides, up-close and further back, but I felt like the wide shot works the best, because there are fractions that may come across unnoticed at first, but the longer one stares, the more appears. I imagine the video projected in a wide corner space - on one side. The other side of the wall would be used for framed (pink) darkroom photographs. 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Projection experimentation

Projection experimentation

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