RESEARCH 7 - Polly Penrose

Polly Penrose loves to work on her own. She would often give interviews and talk about her practise as a photographer and how she is making the work. Photographer uses shutter release remote and goes to abandoned places by herself. The images that she takes are always beautifully composed and the body seemingly blends in with the landscape. The use of natural or available light in her images appear to be staged, but it was mostly spontaneous. It fascinates me, that Penrose claims to be not brave enough to show her face in photographs, but nude body is completely fine. I, on the other hand, am the opposite - I have no problem showing my face, but I would not show my nude body. The body is highly sculptural and she acts as a performer - to herself. Penrose finds places that feel emotional with a sense of temporality. 

“Obviously, a lot of nudes of women are taken by men and that’s a whole other thing, but even (when it’s) by a female photographer it’s a conversation between two people it’s someone taking a photo of someone else. And you react to people, whereas I have no one to react to. I react to the space and I kind of forget that the camera is there, and I love, love houses and spaces and there’s something quite emotional about quite a lot of these places (because they) are going to be knocked down and they’re on their last legs (when I’m there shooting).” (Penrose, 2016)

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