REFLECTION 7 - Learning About the Figs

When I was around 8 years old I remember at school we had a lesson about spirituality and about our connection to the nature. It was very exciting to learn something new, especially about a topic I didn’t know much about - trees. Each one of us had a talk with the specialist and she told us that every individual has its own spiritual tree assigned at birth and it is important to know what tree we belong to. I remember everyone getting simple trees such as apple, birch etc. When my turn came, she said that my tree is a Fig tree. None of us knew what a fig tree was because, in Lithuania, we don’t have them. As an 8 year old, I felt uncomfortable because I wanted to fit in with the rest of my classmates and be able to talk about this new thing that we learned that day. Once again, I felt like the odd one out in the class - I always felt different and the new fig tree discovery made me feel like a weirdo. Prior to that day, I was told that my name in Greek meant “the nut” and the whole class laughed. Nevertheless, I got over that fairly quickly, although the “nut” nickname lingered for a while. On the other hand, I never got over the fig tree theory. To this day I think of this tree and I get happy every time I see it. To my discovery, there is a Fig tree in my secret location where the whole project is based. I knew the tree was there all along, but never thought to make it part of my experience/ project until now. I realised why I kept coming back there - because of the Fig tree. I am now looking into the botanical studies and looking for the meaning of the tree, which is mostly religious. I want the tree to be part of the project and I will photograph it every other week to examine the changes as the season get warmer. I took some seeds from the location and a twig that I cut off the tree, I am trying to grow it and experiment with that. 

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