REFLECTION 4 - Latest Project Changes

After Christmas break, I am feeling refreshed and full of positive thoughts about my project. I realised why I kept coming back to the same location - Wapping. This place feels personal to me, even though it is public. When I feel upset, down or even happy, I come to this specific location to recharge. Living in London is loud and can be challenging at times. I remember a few years ago when I first discovered this place I felt different, but in a good way. It is very central and close to my house, but it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like this place is somewhere quiet, not many people around, no city noise. I always notice these little plants sticking out of concrete walls, which highlights the contrast between the fragile and the solid. It is like nature is trying to push itself forward, but the concrete reminds that therefore, this is urban space. Because the place feels personal to me, and I may feel a different connection to this location, I will be photographing myself.

I took a tripod and Hasselblad camera, few 120mm colour films and a shutter release cable. I set up the camera in a way that urbanism and nature could be seen as a contrast. I then focused the camera, which was a difficult task and positioned myself to the middle or the side of the frame. My poses were quiet and simple - I would lean towards the wall or lay down on the floor, focusing on the fragility of nature. It felt like I was performing, but not to the public - it was to the landscape. The day was dull and cold, so my clothes were black, according to my mood. I was wearing a hat and gloves, but took off the coat - I wanted to be closer to nature.

After this shoot, I feel like the project gained more information about itself. I can now say that my work observes the contrast between nature and the city using a body and its language as a tool and response to the surrounding environment. It focuses on a site-specific location which is fragile and solid at the same time. The area I keep coming back brings me different memories and experiences every time, making it intimate and personal space whilst it being public. The body performs to the landscape by becoming part of the environment which exposes its odd response, where the effects of cognitive behaviour result in a physical reaction of disconnection. The project focuses on the fragility aspects of nature in the shadow of the resilient and well-built. It is a personal response to the overpowering urbanism.

I am also going to be photographing some plants and other smaller scale objects from this site-specific location. I may cut off some of the plants and regrow in the studio. Also, I will be looking for some bricks or stone from the location to try out making an installation to complement the images.

Overall, I think the shoot was successful, I achieved what I was aiming for, but I may come back and reshoot because I am not happy that some images are slightly out of focus or there is rubbish around I did not notice before. Ideally, I will choose a sunny day and play around more with the shadows within the composition. I will decide what to wear the same day, before the shoot, depending on my mood.

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