REFLECTION 6 - I Chose to Wear a Dress

Finally long awaited sunny day has arrived and this time I was prepared. I have chosen a long flowy black dress to wear with black tights and black converse shoes. Wearing jeans seemed too casual, now when I look back at it. I do not wear dresses or skirts often, but when I do - I feel different, in a good way. Dressing up should be part of the project, it is like going out, but to my chosen secret location that i adore. It makes it so much better if the weather is warm as I tend to take off my coat for the camera. This time I felt self - conscious a bit more than before, because I felt like a performer. There were much more people enjoying the sun and looking at me take strange pictures of myself. But that didn’t stop me, it took few moments to get used to it, but eventually I said to myself it doesn’t matter - this place is mine. 

To warm up I took some still lives of fragile leaves covered in sunlight and shadows. Than some bricks and the details, with and without the nature part. I also took couple of shots of the place itself, without me. I thought I might want to have some of the shots of the place. I developed the film and … it was empty. I am slightly upset about that and can still recall the images I took, but they are not here. I will choose a different day and try to reshoot it. 

The rest of the images came out well. I am happy with the results. The dress that I am wearing makes images look a bit more special when I look at them. There is something about long flowy dresses, that give that dreamy look. I posed at same location, but chose different camera angles thinking of the sunlight and how it may affect the images. Generally, I tried to maintain same or similar distance between me and the camera throughout. Ideally, I would like to be further back, but the cable doesn’t allow me to go far enough. 

I also expanded the field a bit and went to the actual riverside, which is part of my visual map of the secret location. I am not sure I like the outcome yet, but I will update on that later on. I need some time to think about it. Overall, the shoot was a success. As said before, I changed the clothes and it worked out really well. Got some sun and shadows. Next I am thinking to sacrifice myself and go in the rain, than step in to the river with no shoes. Don’t know how that will work, but will think about it. 

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