REFLECTION 8 - Happy Darkroom Accident

Last week I decided to print some of the images in the darkroom and make it part of my working process. I think the process of the image making is part of why I enjoy producing such work. I took some colour paper and started working on it. Soon I realised that my paper has been fogged or it was kept in a warm place for too long. The colours seem to be incorrect (pink). I made few prints and tried to get out more colour for the leaves, hair etc. and made more tests. The prints were still pink. I know that the prints technically are not correct, but I liked how different they looked and how they made me think of memories from my childhood. I printed a box of prints to show to my tutors for some feedback. I know that I like them and they look different, but I need validation at this point because technically they are “wrong”. My tutor Ania seem to like the idea a lot. I got some positive feedback to reflect on. She suggested looking into different ways of framing and experiment with that. Those darkroom accidental prints may become part of my final show. They are unique and I can’t be sure to produce two exact prints, for example. I have more pink paper left and I will keep it safe for now. At the moment I have to test out framing options and layouts, see how it shifts the work and what it does. 

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