REFLECTION 9 - Easter Show Display Experimentation

Prior the Easter show I used my studio space to experiment with the layout of my images. I chose to print images on fine art paper and display them as a grid. I tried displaying in two rows of three images, but it felt slightly boring and not as interesting to look at. Traditional grid, perhaps, doesn’t fit my work and the images felt repetitive. 

For the next few weeks I chose a different type of grid. I printed the images on the same paper and used uneven number of images - five. Four of the images include a person and the middle one just an empty space near the tree. I noticed that people were looking for a body or fragments of it within the image, which encouraged me to experiment with the display. I placed an empty space in the middle and body performances around it. Right away, the work was perceived better and I got more positive feedback about it. 

For the Easter show, I decided to try out my pink darkroom images for a display. I wanted to see what other people think of the work and how it is perceived. At this point, my project title is “Stand Still; Fig Leaves” and the work should reflect the title. The colour pink relates to my childhood memories as well as the fig fruit and I wanted to display an actual fig fruit as part of my display, to suggest that the colour pink is the same shade as the fig fruit. General feedback was good, but at this point I am slightly concerned about displaying an actual fruit, because of its longevity. I am considering to coat the fig fruit with resin which would make it durable. 

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