RESEARCH 6 - New Inspiration - Juno Calypso

For further inspiration on self-portraiture, I rediscovered Juno Calypso work once again. Her work is very different to mine, but I found that I can relate to her thinking behind the process. As Calypso says, she likes to work on her own and that way she is fully in charge of the process. Her aesthetic is about femininity and the absurd. She uses beauty products as props and photographs herself wearing them in specific locations that relate to the project and the most iconic one - hotel. What I like the most about her work, that she is open that she would rather work on her own that with others, in fact, she doesn’t like people. I really like that darkness and the humour that Calypso presents in her work. I look up to her work in general, rather than specific projects because of the hidden emotions of loneliness and the way she presents it. When listening to her talk about her work I can feel the melancholy and humour at the same time. It makes me want to find my own voice within the work. 

After watching multiple interviews it inspired me to focus on photographing only myself for this project and continue with odd performance in the public space which has a personal feeling to me. I will reconsider the clothes that I am wearing and try out different options.

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